[Python] Check if File Exists

How to check if a file exists in path using Python? There are 2 functions available in Python to check this directly using os.path. Try the below Python code snippet. Both functions take same parameter (file path) & return a boolean response. i.e., True if file exists or False if […]

Python Sort List Function – Ascending or Descending

Sort Function in Python Code In Python, You can sort a list or array of numbers & strings using the built in function. The code below creates a numeric & string array. Then sorts is ascending & descending. The default is ascending. Lets see how do this with a Python […]

Get list of Folders in directory path – Python

Print Directory List in Python To get list of sub-directories present in a computer folder, use the code below. Edit the folder path mentioned in the variable “folder_path”. Then execute this ready to use code. It will print the sub-directories name one by one. #List all subdirectories in a folder […]