How To Take Backup of Social Media Profile?

Do you want a full backup Facebook data from your profile to your system?

Or be it any other Social media that you have signup with. Well then, follow these simple steps. We have listed for these Fantastic Four brands – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & GooglePlus.

Along with popularity of smartphones, the usage of Social media has also grown a lot. As a result, the data storage is also growing to a huge level. Here are the simple steps to download a backup of your Facebook in your computer.

How To Backup Facebook Data?

This option in Facebook will become invisible to your eyes, if you overlook or if you are glancing through the below explained navigation page in a hurry.

Go real slow, check every line in the page. You will find that backup link.

  1. Open Facebook Profile
  2. Go to Settings -> General
  3. Check last line in “General Account Settings” page
  4. Click “Download a Copy of you Facebook Data” link.
  5. Follow Next Steps to initiate Archival.

The options will guide you to initiate data archival process.

Once completed, Facebook will send an email with the link to download your Facebook profile backup data. Remember it is a full copy & it is supposed to take longer time to download.

How To Download Gplus or Gmail Backup?

This is a very fast growing network & Google keeps on bringing new options and updates inside this.

Use “Google Takeout”(<- Click this link or search for this keyword in Google) option to take back up of most of the data from your Google Account.

Once you initiate the request for backup, Google will start to collect all requested data in a zip file. Download file with backup data will be ready in few hours or days depending on volume of your content.

Once the archive is ready, Google will send an email along with the Link to download the data to your computer.

In addition to Google+ Profile data, you can also opt to include about 16+ Google Products data to the archive, including the below familiar items.

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

Twitter Profile Backup Data Download

Twitter is very much straight forward and does not ask you for much information. Only these steps will be suffice.

  1. Open Twitter profile.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’.
  3. Select on ‘Account’.
  4. Choose ‘Content’ section.
  5. Click “Request You Archive” option.

It is all done. Now wait till Twitter sends you an email with link to download your Twitter Profile Data Archive.

It is all the same after this. Click on the link in your email & wait for the backup data to get downloaded to your PC.

LinkedIn Connections Backup Data

LinkedIn does not provide any direct methods to Export a backup of your complete profile.

Instead you can take a PDF version of your profile and a CSV or VCF (VCard) format of all your contacts. Here, I have discussed only about how to download backup of your contacts.

  1. Open Linkedin Profile.
  2. Click Home from Menu.
  3. Select Connections Tab.
  4. Choose Settings Symbol on Right hand side top.
    • On the Right hand side top – on the same line that has word “Connections”, you can see setting symbol (Spot the Symbol, do not look for word “Settings”)
  5. Choose “Export LinkedIn Connections” in right side bar.

Click on this option, to download all the contacts from LinkedIn in CSV or VCF format to your local computer.

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Note: Take extra care while storing these backup data in your local computer, since it might be having any personal or secured information like bank account details, log in credentials etc.,

Why We Backup Social Media Data?

In these Social Network Accounts, we store email ids, phone numbers and other contact details of many of the valuable business leads, friends, family members, customers etc., We have to preserve these details which we gained over a long period of time.

Apart from this, some of the situations where we might choose to have a local copy of our online accounts are listed below.

  • Periodic Backup for Future References in case of data loss.
  • Delete any of your Social Media Accounts and vanish from Virtual World.
  • Renovate your existing profile appearance and content.
  • Migrate to a new profile id.

Lets see what are the option provided by top 4 of the Famous Social Media Networks.

Social Media Data Backup & Addiction

There is no need to give any intro about Social Media for next few decades, until something new comes up. Every internet users have one or more Profiles in the famous networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, StumbleUpon etc.,

Most of us would agree that it kills a major portion of our productive time, but no one would be willing to shut down any of those online accounts. We are very much used to hang out with Smartphones and Social Media.

Even then, for some reason, if you decide to plug out from this virtual world, you might consider taking a backup copy of all your online Social Network Profiles data in your Computer.

2 thoughts on “Download – Backup Facebook Twitter Gplus Linkedin – Data To PC”

  1. The big question is: What can you do with the downloaded data?
    (apart from owning it and a false feeling of transparency about what the network knows about you)

    – Can you import it back into the same social network (or into another account of the same network)?
    – Can you import/transfer it into another social network?
    – Is there a common, standardized archive format?

    Or is this a one-way process and you are left with a bunch of files organized in a proprietary format?

    1. I love this line – “transparency abut what the network knows about you”. Well Yes. They know a lot about us & that is what runs their business.

      Well the point here is to have a backup in case if we accidentally delete something, but we need to refer it. But it happens very very rare – like one in million.

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