Enable Grayed Option on Excel Right Click

Does some of the options on the right click command bar is disabled or grayed out in your Excel Worksheets.

Though it is not very unsure for me why this happens often in my system, I could find out some workarounds to resolve this problem.

You could also try these options.

1. Using VBA Code to enable Grayed Cut,Insert,Delete

Note: This options works if the command bar pop is displayed when you right click. If the command bar is not at all appearing, then try reading this page.

Go to Excel VBA editor by pressing Alt + F11.

Then copy paste this code to any module and execute it. This would reset the grayed option in the command bar.

Sub Reset_Right_Click_Menu_Options()

    'Reset Command Bar Options in Excel Worksheets
    'Process Completed - author@officetricks.com
End Sub

Press F5 to execute this Macro.

Then open the Excel worksheet, right click on cellm row or column. You could see that the grayed options are now visible and enabled.

If this option did not work out, follow the steps below.

2. Enable Disabled Excel Right Click options

Close all the opened Excel workbooks & go through these steps.

  1. Press Windows + R key (Run command bar)
  2. Type this path and press Enter.
    • %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel or
    • C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel
  3. Rename .xlsb file to .temp or move it to different folder.

Now, open any Excel workbook and right click on any cell. The previously grayed out cell should be visible now.

This folder also saved all your temporary saved Excel files. In some websites, it is suggested to deleted the xlsb files in this folder. If the above option did not workout, try deleting these files and verify again.

Note: This option might result in loss of any user settings or customizations. So, dont use Shift + Delete. Just use delete so that the files could be recovered if required.

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