Show Developer Tab Menu – Excel Office 2010 or Above

To enable ‘Developer Tab’ in the Menu for Excel & Word, this steps can be followed.

Prerequisite: To enable this option, MS Office has to be installed along with ‘Macro Enabled’ option.

How to check whether your MS Office is already installed with this option. Press Alt+F11 from MS Excel or Word. If VB Editor opens up, then it means MS Office is installed with Macro Option. If VB editor is not displayed, then install MS Office again.

How To Add Excel Macro Developer Tab Option?

Open Excel or Word application or a document, then follow these steps.

  1. Click File Menu on Left top of application.
  2. Select ‘Options’ from list.
  3. Choose ‘Customize Ribbon’ option.
  4. Select check box for “Developer” in ‘Main Tabs’ section.
  5. Click ‘Ok’.

Verify that the ‘Developer Tab’ is added to the main menu in current opened Excel application or document. This option will be enabled for all the documents you open in this PC.

What is the Developer Tab in MS Excel?

A Developer tab has option like “Record Menu”, Access Add-ins, Adding Design Controls like Command button, Textbox, Label etc., Also this menu option has option for XML mapping, Document Template.

Mostly this option is used by VBA Programmers to record macro or to write VBA Code. People who love automation need this option to be enabled.

How To Use Developer Tab Option in Excel?

Code & Control tabs are the most used options in Developer Tab.

Code option: It is used to record, play back, edit macros. If we have a set of task that we have to do repeatedly in Excel Sheet, then use Record macro. This will convert tasks done on Excel into its equivalent VBA code and store in a module. Whenever we require the same tasks to be repeated, then these codes can be played back any number of times.

Controls Option: This can be used to insert controls like Command button, Text box, Labels, Listbox etc., to the Worksheet. Once we enable the Design Mode, we can double on the control we have added to Worksheet & write VBA code behind each control.

Apart from these 2 options, we have Add-ins & XML tabs. This can be used to edit or manage the Add-ins & XML mapped with the current Excel Workbook.

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