How to Combine Sheets from Multiple Excel to One?

This flexible Excel app in this page will merge Worksheets from multiple Excel files to one file.

The User gets the option to select which files they need to be merged.

Just follow these simple steps to use this app:

  1. Copy files to be merged to a folder
  2. Enter that folder path in Cell “B1” in the app
  3. Click “List Files” button – to list all the Excel & CSV file along with sheet names
  4. In Column C, type “Y” or “y” for sheets that needs to be merged.
  5. Click button “Merge Files”

That’s it.

The Excel app will open each Excel file and merge the selected sheets to one Merged_File in the same folder as entered in cell “B1”

The pricing is based on the volume of the files being handled.

  1. To merge 3 or less files: Free of Cost
  2. 50 or less number of Files   : 5$
  3. More than 50 files               : 15$
  4. More than 50 files               : 17$ (with VBA Source Code)

Get this Trial version for free.

Download Excel Merge App to Combine Multiple Excel Files – Downloaded 124 Times

Try it & if you are satisfied please proceed to buy the premium versions.

All these versions, combine the choosen Excel sheets from the multiple Excel files and creates one single file in the same input folder path.