IPL Qualification Criteria for Mumbai Indians Vs SRH

This page has the details calculation & scenario for Mumbai Indians to qualify for IPL Play offs round.

Since net run rate calculated is very close for the 4th position of IPL points table, the scenario to qualify for IPL is very competetive this year.

Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings & Royal Challengers Banglore have already qualified with good points. The 4th place is strongly holded by KKR, but still there is a feeble/toughest chance for MI to get back to this place.

Mission Impossible for MI – IPL Qualification Scenario Explained

These are the points that MI has to go through and must satisfy for MI to get into Play offs.

  1. Win: Toss
  2. Choose: Batting first
  3. Hit: Score 200+ runs
  4. Win Big: by minimum of 171 runs margin

Why 171 runs?

How much run MI has to score to qualify for IPL PLay off?

To understans this we need to know the formula to calcualte Net Run Rate , which is: (Runs For/Total Overs) – (Runs Against/Total Overs)

and the current scenario for MI is:

  • Calculated net run rate for MI: -0.048.
  • They have to surpass KKR NRR of +0.587
  • MI Runs scored so for to themselves: 1882/245.5
  • MI Runs scored agains them: 1935/251.1

With the above situation on hand, MI have to defeat SRH at a huge margin. Here is the table that explains one such scneraio.

Scenario Current Current MI SRH New New
Scored For Against For Against For Against
Runs 1882 1935 250 79 (200-171) 2132 2014
Overs 245.5 251.1 20 20 265.5 271.1
Run Rate 7.666 7.7061 8.0301 7.429
Net Run Rate -0.048 +0.601

Now that the new net run rate is well above KKR and hence MI can qualify for play offs.

Yes, it is a daunting task. SRH looks so good towards the end of the season. Though they are at last position in points table, they have win big teams in their last few games.

So, MI not only has to win the game to qualify for ipl playoffs, they also have to win BIG.

Why MI can’t opt to chase today?

Since this time it is all about run rate, they have to post a huge run margin.

If they happen to chase, SRH happen to score 300 runs and if MI wins the match in 10 overs, even then the net run rate wont be enough. There are lot of IFs and MI can’t loose the TOSS and can’t loose the match.

That is how the net run rate calculation works.

But still, for MI Fans, there is still hope in their eyes. If they make it, then for sure, it will be the game of the season.

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