How to Calculate Net Run Rate (NRR) – IPL Points Table?

The direct formula to calculate Net Run Rate is given below:

1. NRR = RRF – RRA

  • RRF – Run Rate For
  • RRA – Run Rate Against
Calculate Net Run Rate for IPL T20 One Day Tournaments
Calculate Net Run Rate for IPL T20 One Day Tournaments

2. How Run Rate Calculation is done?

  • Run Rate For = (Team Score) / (Overs faced)
  • Run Rate Against = (Opponent Score) / (Overs Bowled)

Note: If a team loses all the wickets, then it will be considered that full quota of overs have been bowled.

For example: When the team lost 10 wickets in 15 overs of a T20 match, then it is considered as 20 overs while calculating run rate.

Net Run Rate Calculation Example

Teams playing: Team ABC Vs Team XYZ

  • ABC won toss & elected to Bat.
  • ABC batting first Scores: 200/5 in 20 Overs.
  • XYZ chase & lost match: 100/10 in 12 Overs.

ABC won by 100 runs. XYZ lost all wickets in 12 overs itself. so, it is considered as 20 overs for runrate calculation.

With this scenario, Lets see what is the Net run rate of each team.

Teams Score Overs Run Rate For Run Rate Against Net Run Rate
ABC 200/5 20 10 5 5
XYZ 100/10 12 (20) 5 10 ?

Net Run of ABC is calcualted with these steps:

  1. ABC NRR = RRF – RRA = 10 – 5 = 5
  2. XYZ NRR = RRF – RRA = ? (Comment if you are able to derive this solution)

As the tournament progresses, this run for & against are accumulated & then used for calculating a Total or Net run rate.

Run Rates & Points Table in Big Tournaments

Usually this NRR paramater is used in tournament matches & it gets accumulated in each match. This is where there are chances that a 2 or more teams might end up with same points in the points table.

When there is a tie with points, then net run rate is calculated. Team with a better (higher) run rate gets priority over other teams.

The Run for/overs is calculated by summing up the scores from all the matches played. And hence the name Net run rate.

In modern day matches, teams take care of playing careful cricket in maintaining the run rate also in every match. Even if there is a match that one team is going to certainly lose, they play till end to recover the run rate as much as possible.

The tournament officials keep tracking this net run rate at each stage & hence this parameter has a compulsary column in points tables. It also gives additional thrill to the franchise fans on knowing who is having a better NRR.

External References:

  1. This official IPL page displayes the total Runs For & Against in its points table. This would give a better idea on how the NRR is calculated.

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