Worksheet Date & Time – How to Split it?

In worksheet type this function to get Time enter the formula ‘=Now()’ .

It will return the default value as today’s date & time in the cell. Something like this.

‘5/7/2018 13:53’

You can see that there is a Date part & Time part.

Split Date & Time Part in Excel

Assume you have entered the above formula in cell A1.

Now, You can retrieve only the date part to cell A2 & Time part to cell A3, using this formula.

A2: ‘=TEXT(A1,”mm/dd/yyyy”)’

A3: ‘=TEXT(A1,”hh:mm”)’

Type these formula & press enter. You will get value as ’05/07/2018′ & ’13:53′

There are other ways too, which can split date & time. But this is the easiest way. You can also use Data Text To Columns options as well.

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