Excel Add-in Files – Editing Sheets

Excel add-in xlam or xla (2003 format) file is a collection of macros, that can be included in Excel app.

Once add-in is enabled, the xlam add-in macros will be available to use from within any file, opened using Excel application.

Users will be able to see the Macro code (using Alt + F11) if it is not password protected. But, the worksheets in the add-in will be hidden by default.

Follwo these steps to make the sheets visible & edit the data in the sheets.

Steps to Make Worksheets Visible in Xlam File

Open xlam file (double click on file). You can only see the Excel app opening up, but worksheets are not visible.

We need to change the “IsAddin” property of the workbook to make sheets visible. Here are the steps for that.

  1. Press Alt + F11 to view the VBA editor.
  2. On left hand side, Project Explorer click on “VBAProject(filename.xlam)”
  3. Click on “Microsoft Excel Objects” -> “Thisworkbook”
  4. Press F4. This will enable the “Properties” window for Thisworkbook.
  5. Search for “IsAddin” property.
  6. Change the value from “True” to “False”.

Refer this image file to get an idea about the exact location of this property.

Now, the worksheets will be visible. You can edit them now, if they are not protected with password.

Note: Once You are done with editing the sheets, change the “IsAddin” property value back to “True”. This would avoid the sheets being shown everytime the Addin is used.

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