Delayed Delivery Option in Gmail – Schedule Emails

When running in a chronic life where forgetting becomes daily bread for the populace, it is always important to arrange things that are to get on line. One such important yet amazing tool provided by Gmail is the Gmail’s scheduling tool.

This tool exactly does what is reads where you can schedule Gmail emails to send on a particular day and time. All you have to do is schedule them up and not worry about missing anything.

Can you guess this!!!


(Sweet note: You can schedule emails to wish someone on their birthday, anniversary, and your love note every year)

The steps to follow

  1. In your Gmail app where you send a email, locate to the three dots in the upper right side and tap on the dots.
  2. Select schedule send.
  3. There will be screen appearing where you can select the date and the time you have to send
  4. Click schedule send a message box will appear in the left corner which will have a confirmation of your selected schedule

A simple step to scheduled email you have to send. If there is a need for you to update a email with any details or sometimes you wish not to send them. Then scroll down

  1. Click on schedule on the main menu
  2. Choose the email you like to delete and select cancel send
  3. If you have to update a few information in the scheduled emails, simply cancel the emails, a draft will appear where you can edit the content and repeat the scheduled send method

Method 2: For People without Gmail app

When done with your email to be scheduled. Follow the steps

  1. Select the drop dwon arrow near the send button
  2. Click the arrow that is found near send and then click schedule send
  3. A menu will appear that lets you choose the date and time you like the email to be sent
  4. Select the date and time and click schedule send

In both ways we can click on the message box that appears on the left corner where you can hit undo if you have made a mistake or did it for trail. You can also read through the mail with this option.