Google Photos – Shared Album Link not working

You created an album & sharing it with Your friend using the URL or by directly adding them from contacts.

But, Your friend gets this error message when they open the url link.

“The link has been deleted or the URL is invalid”

How to solve this URL deleted issue?

One possible reason is that one of You (Sender or Receiver) has added the other person in their google blocked list.

Both the person has to verify these steps and take action accordingly.

  1. Go to
  2. Remove the other person id, email or name in here.
  3. Now try the link again.

If the other person’s id is not in the blocked list, then it could be because of one of the below reasons.

  • The sharing has been revoked by Album owner.
  • Album could have been deleted.
  • Sharing link was old & has been changed.

If none of these steps help, then try to post the query in the Google support forum.