Google Photos does not provide unlimited space for photo uploads by default. User has to choose the options explained below during upload or later as explained below.

Google Storage Limits & How to extend it?

Google provides storage space in its cloud with these two services.

  1. Google Drive + Photos + Gmail – Combined limit -> 15 GB
  2. Dropbox -> 5 GB

If unnoticed, you might end up exhausting the space limit & keep on creating new Google accounts to get more space.

There is other alternative way to do this.

Check Storage Used by Category

Before extending the memory space, lets first check:

If more space is occupied in Gmail or Drive, then You have to clean up the unwanted files manually.

Opt for Unlimited Space in Google Photos

With Photos, Google provides such an wonderful option to optimize images.

Note: Remember, this option would reduce the file size & also its quality. Further it is an unrecoverable step.

Here is the link to reduce all image sizes in Google Photos ( . In this page click Recover Storage to compress images.

There are 2 benefits in this option: This gives not only reduced space, it also gives unlimited space for Photos + 15 GB is for Google Drive & Gmail.

Yes, You heard it right.

It is unlimited space for storing Photos online if you choose Google’s high quality image setting.

Future Uploads in Google Photos

Opt for High Quality image resolution when you upload any photos in future. This can also be opted in with the above settings in Photos.Google.

Once this is opted, the future uploads will follow this resolutions. There by providing unlimited space for all your photos in future.

In case you don’t want to compress the Photos, then you could keep in the original resolution. Also, you could opt to buy additional space in Google storage.

The pricing is mentioned in the same Photos settings page.