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Yes, you can hire me for small sized project work(can take up tasks upto <= 200 Hours).

To Know Me Better

I’m a software engineer with 10+ years experience and was previously working in a MNC IT company based out of India.
Major project work was to write COBOL and work in Mainframes.
Majority of the projects also required working with Microsoft Excel.

Being a big fan of Programming, I almost write macro to replace manual work involved in Excel. I developed a keen interest in Excel VBA Macros and would keep on finding the need for automation. And it helped me to learn and master the Excel Macro.

Avatar As a Blogger

I took a short break from the IT career and trying my luck in the entrepreneurship.
I created as the first project after I quit and kick-started my blogging career.
It is a blooming Technical website filled with useful topics on VBA Macro,Outlook VBA, Automation VBA, Excel Tips, WordPress and Social Media.
Eventually I started deep interest in blogging and trying to contribute as much as I can.

I manage most of the website work including technical aspects as well as content preparation.
Once a while, I reach out to Freelancers for writing tasks. I also have a small team to help with the project work.

Besides blogging, I am also involved in project works like Billing, Inventory automation Tools for few clients.
I’m also taking up small project work through Online mainly on VBA scripts and automation.

You can hire me to help you with below tasks,

– build any automation tools involved with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and Access
– Solve any Excel errors or data related work
– Export any form of data(like Vcard, XML, CSV,etc ) into Excel
– Any customized project request involving Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and Access

Once the request is received, we can get into discussion to clarify any queries and to come up with offer quotation.
Based on the project need, we can have set the communication mode(email, voice or video calls).
All the payments are currently received through Paypal.

I’m looking forward to work with you, please feel free to contact for any project requirement or questions.




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