Where People Are checking Election Results right now?

All possible communication network in India is right now crowded with Election Result Status. Be it any Smart Phone or Android App or New Websites or TV channel or Facebook or Twitter.

Everyone are so much interested and eager to know whether the party they are supporting is leading the counting and going to Win. No one is ready to wait till evening and check the evening news. With the enormous growth in Communication Channels, the Interest among people in knowing the Election results quickly is also on increasing trend.

The Election Commission of India Official website is bit slow today due to heavy load.

Lets see which are the interesting media or website or app people are mostly engaged to get the results.

  • Android App: “News Hunt” is a news app and also Provides a Good Live statistics about the Election Results wit Auto Refresh.

Well these are some of the places where I have been checking the Election Results by now and I prefer News Hunt and Google Link which are faster and gives a good consolidated status.

If you have any interesting Source which give a good stat right now, post it here.