Auto Work Time Tracker

What does this App do?

  1. Records Time spent on each desktop apps.
  2. Records App, Window, URL Time.
  3. Displays live report on screen.
  4. Export recorded time to CSV.
  5. Set break time.
  6. Auto Slide in / Slide Out options.

When compared to other apps available in market, this one is the cheapest with easy to understand data logs & reports.

Benefits Of Work Time Tracker

  1. Optimize Work Time – Improved Productivity
  2. Helps easy Time Sheet filling.
  3. Aids Work Life Balance
  4. Simple & best User Interfaces.
  5. Has cheapest subscription options as low as 2$ per month, which you can try easily.

Download Product or Presentation Demo

This app is application only for devices that run Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Download the Free & preview the option for 5 mins. If you like the app, buy a subscription of your choice to continue using the app.

Work From Home – Personal Tracker

To get unlimited version choose from any of the cheapest subscriptions plans. 

Important Note: Please download the app for free and try it out on your computer before you get a paid subscription


Free Trial








Single User / Month

Automatic Time Tracking

URL & App Logs with Usage Time

Productivity Calculation

Idle Time Tracking

Automatic Slide in Slide Out

Export Time Record Logs

CSV & Text format Exports



Single User / Year

Automatic Time Tracking

Url, App Title Usage Time Tracking

Productivity Calculation

Idle Time Tracking

Automatic Slide in Slide Out

Export Time Record in CSV

Export CSV, Txt format Logs



One Time Fee / Single User 

Automatic Time Tracking

Url, Ap logs with Usage Timel

Productivity Calculation

Idle Time Tracking

Automatic Slide in, Slide Out

Csv, Txt Log Exports

Here is the app that everyone should own. This is mainly developed for Employee benefit & not boss benefit. With this app, you get live reporting with a sticky top of page window that displays the current time spent on each application in your desktop.

It is era of work from home. Covid is forcing companies to even pack the work computer to their employee’s home. Now, it is easy for everyone to get drifted from work & lost in those tempting social media. At end of day, we still miss work life balance. 

The Most Affordable Time Tracking App Ever!

Auto Work Time Tracker
Auto Work Time Tracker

If you want to take your efficiency and productivity to a whole new level, you must try the Best and cheapest Time Tracking App: The Auto Work Time Tracker. This simple yet effective app runs in the background, tracking every second accurately.

In this virtual world we live in, distractions are literally just a click away! You can never recover lost time. Unfortunately, many of us tend to use our time unproductively and miss out on the many opportunities that come our way. We fail to meet deadlines, achieve targets and most of all, we feel unaccomplished at the end of the day. Its time to turn over a new leaf in your life. With the Auto Work Time Tracker App, you can monitor your usage and find out where exactly you’re losing out. You don’t need to read a million time-management books to be time-efficient; just shun away the distractions and you will be as productive as ever.

So why pick the Auto Time Tracker App over the myriad other apps that are available?

  • Bringing unparalleled ease of use and simplicity, this app automatically tracks how much time you spend on a particular window, without having to manually enter in anything.
  • You can have all the information you need literally at your fingertips! This smart app has been developed to track the Window Title, URL and time spent. So, you can have detailed records of where and how you use your time.
  • With this app you can easily view live tracking status with precision.
  • It’s important for you take breaks from time to time, to ensure that your productivity is at its highest. Strategic time breaks enhance your brain activity and make you faster and better at whatever you do. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in our work that we tend to forget to stop, relax and take some time off. With this app, however, you will receive reminders to take a break from your work and do the things that you love.
  • You don’t have to worry about the app being obtrusive to your workflow. It has a built-in auto-slide feature that makes using this app a pleasure.
  • This time tracking software can automatically calculate your window usage time in percentages, so you can have a better idea of how to optimise your time.
  • Do you want a detailed Log Report of your activity? This app has got you covered! You can conveniently export your Time log details to a Word or Csv file, to be viewed later, or even for analysis and comparison.

If you transform yourself into the best and most efficient person you can be, you should definitely get this app. It is extremely inexpensive and is developed keeping the benefit of the employees in mind. With the Auto Time Tracker App, you can have all the latest and greatest features offered by many other, more expensive Time Trackers at a fraction of the price!

Download the App for free and try it out for 5 minutes! If you fall in love with it, you can buy a subscription of your choice and enjoy its awesomeness!
To get full access to all the amazing features, choose any of the subscription plans.

This Work Time Tracker enables everyone to manage their project & personal work time efficiently. You don’t even have to browse through so many pages to get the reports. The simple design help you view the status live every second on a top of page slide in window.

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