How to Store Notepad & Sticky Notes Online?

We use Windows Notepad App or Sticky notes app so much extensively.

It is easy to store easy reference text data in these apps. As time passes, these notes gets added a lot & we struggle to manage them properly. It is more trouble if we switch computers often.

These days all data goes into storage cloud platforms.

Why not notes.

Online StickyNotes – Google , Microsoft

Let us compare these two online notes from Google & Microsoft.

Here is the comparison chart:

Features Google Keep Microsoft StickyNotes
List Text Yes Yes
Notes Color Yes Yes
Font Format Yes Yes
Check Box Yes No
Strike Through Text No Yes
Collaborate with Team Yes No
Add Background Image Yes No
Remainder Yes No

Google keep obviously has more features. If you are looking to keep things simple, you can opt for Stickynotes rather than Google Keep.

Also, you can install Google keep in your android phone and keep it updated on the go.

Note: It is upto you to choose whether you would like to store your secure login password details or personal details.,

Thought it is all claimed to be secure, no one can say it as 100% secured as long as it is connected to internet.