Make Your Free Time Last Longer With These Productivity Tools

Nowadays it is common that we strive to do the most work in the least amount of time.

With the constant progress of information technology, we have more help with that than we ever did. But it’s not easy to find the right tools and apps, simply because there are so many to choose from, and face it, some are far better than the others.

So we have created this list of incredible tools to make your everyday activities a little easier, and so you can have more free time to enjoy life outside of work.

1. PhoneTag

This is a tool that uses advanced technology to convert your voice messages to text, so you don’t have to waste precious time replaying your messages over and over to get all the important info. It even sends you a MP3 of the message in case something got lost in translation.

2. PDF to Excel Online

Have you ever received an Excel Spreadsheet saved in a PDF file that you needed to edit, but couldn’t because the PDF is a read-only file format?

If you work as an accountant, or maybe as a scholar, or any other profession that requires you to frequently use spreadsheets, chances are you probably did.

PDF Converter’s FreePDF to Excel is an excellent online tool that allows to convert your PDF file back to XLS in a few very simple steps, and on their website you can also convert your PDF file to Word (DOC) and PowerPoint (PPT).

3. Remember The Milk

This service is another amazing reminder productivity tool which you can connect with your computer, tablet, phone and Gmail. We all know that keeping track of our tasks is taxing work, but with this tool you will manage your obligations with ease no matter where you are.

4. Evernote

This is a fabulous reminder tool where you can make notes, set reminders, organize documents, save photographs, clip articles from the web, and much more. It also has a great interface, making it very easy to manage your projects with it.

Another fantastic feature of Evernote is that it can be accessed from all your devices, which can be a life-saver sometimes.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free online storage and sharing tool that allows you to access all your files from every device you own. It provides lots of data storage space, so you don’t have to worry about your photos and videos in case you lose your phone, or if your hard drive dies on you.

You can also share large files with people who don’t have a Dropbox account, simply by sending them a link.

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