How to add Date Time stamp in Notepad File

There are 2 ways to do this. First one is manual & the other is automatic.

1. Press F5 will insert current date & time
2. Type .LOG as first line of notepad file. (case-sensitive)

What is the difference between these methods?

1. F5 – Add Time stamp

Once you press function key F5, notepad application adds current date & time at the cursor position.

This method can be invoked at any point of time & any number of time, while you are working with a notepad file.

You can also invoke this function from this menu option:

  • Notepad Menu -> Edit -> Time/Date

This menu option will also does the same process as pressing F5.

2. Automatic .LOG method

Add keyword .LOG as first line in any Notepad file.

Testing Time Stamp in Notepad
11:08 PM 7/13/2019

Note: This command should be all CAPS & should be the first word in first line. If not taken care then this will not add any time stamp.

  • This method, adds the current Time & Date at the last line every time the file is opened.
  • Adding time stamp happens automatically.
  • You don’t have to use any menu option or function keys in here.

These two methods can be used in case you are working on any log file or analysis that needs to be marked with a timestamp frequently.