How to Create a Macro in Excel 2010, 2007 & Above

A Macro in Excel is a set of VBA code, which is more similar to Visual Basic code. A VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code can be directly execute without compiling. In this article, Learn how to create macro in Excel 2010 by enabling the Developer tab. Once this option is enabled, “Record Macro” button can be used to record set of operations done on excel to be recorded and then re-executed whenever needed. This option is very much helpful for Excel VBA developers when syntax for any of the commands is not known.

Working With Calendar Control In Excel Worksheets

1. To know how to insert the Calendar Control in worksheet, read the below topic. 2. After inserting, how to get the value of selected date into a cell. Press Alt+F11 and insert these codes. Private Sub Calendar1_Click() ‘Thisworkbook.sheets(SheetIndex or “SheetName”).cells(Row#, Column#) = ValuesToEnterIntoCell ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“Sheet1”).Cells(1, 1) = Calendar1.Value End […]