Are we Using Start Up Folder Option

We have option in Windows to add the list of application to be launched during a system start up.

But, we do not use it often. Because it increases system start up time. We want to see our Desktop as soon as possible right after we type Login and Password.

Prepare List of Frequently Used Apps and Launch them From Excel

As an alternative, we can have a list of Folders and Applications (like Outlook, Project Folders etc., ) in an excel sheet.


After creating a new excel workbook, prepare a list of Application or Folder that will be useful right after we login to our system.

  • Press Alt+F11 to view the VB Editor.
  • Copy paste the below code.
  • Press F5 to execute the code.
  • All the applications in the list will be launched one by one.
Sub Read_Application_List()
    Dim Row1 As Integer
    Dim File_Path As String
    Row1 = 1
    File_Path = Sheets("Sheet2").Cells(Row1, 1)

    While File_Path <> ""
        Launch_Apps_Folders File_Path
        Row1 = Row1 + 1
        File_Path = Sheets("Sheet2").Cells(Row1, 1)

End Sub

Sub Launch_Apps_Folders(File_Path As String)
    Dim Launch_App As Object
    Set Launch_App = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
    'Or Add a reference to "Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation"
    'Dim Launch_App As Shell32.Shell

    'Launch the Application
    On Error GoTo Launch1:
    VBA.Shell File_Path, vbMinimizedNoFocus
    GoTo Exit1

    'Launch the Folders
    Launch_App.Open (File_Path)
End Sub

The Comments mentioned inside the code gives some explanation about the VBA functions used. To know detailed information about these functions refer MSDN.

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