Convert Html To Text In Excel

VBA code to convert html to plain text,  this helps us to make the html code readable by stripping all the html tags from the html code and printing/rendering the output of the code. When we have a an Excel sheet with cells containing html. We can batch convert them […]

VBA Message Box Set No as Default Button

How to Set No or Cancel as default Msgbox button? In Msgbox with YesNo or OkCancel buttons, the first button will be set as default button. i.e., once the message box appears if user hit Enter button, Yes or Ok will be activated. Sometimes, this is not desired. In case […]

[VBA] How to Convert Word Document to PDF?

This page explains how to save a word document to PDF using: VBA Code PDF Converter Manually Save Word as PDF Both the methods are simple & straight forward. Lets start with the automation code first. 1.VBA Code to Convert Word to PDF Word VBA has a direct function to […]

Outlook Vba to create Email with Attachment

VBA code to create Outlook email This code will create a new email item in Outlook. Using this code, You can automate creating emails in Outlook application. Also send emails automatically with attachment and customized content. In this code, the mail subject & content can be customized. The mail body […]