How to Send email to all contacts in Outlook?

Use one of the following methods to send Email blast from Outlook. i.e., mass email in Outlook to a large audience.

  • Outlook Create Distribution List – Create Email group in Outlook
  • Using VBA Code – Send mass email Outlook

These 2 are not the only possible methods to send mass email. There can be other possible methods and software products also to do this. Here, we have explained 2 possible methods (one manual & other Automation using VBA) to do this. Lets start with the manual method.

How to Send Mass email?

1. Outlook Create Distribution List

To create email distribution list in Outlook follow the below instruction.

  1. Click on drop down near “New” in Outlook menu.
  2. Select “Distribution List” (or Keyboard shortcut – “Ctrl + Shift + L”).
  3. In the new window, fill ‘Name’ field & then click ‘Select Members’.
  4. Choose the “Address Book” name from the dropdown list in Popup window.
  5. Select all members in the contacts list. (Choose first contact in list & press shift + last contact).
  6. Click on “Members” button at to add contacts to distribution list.
  7. Repeat steps 4 – 5, if there is more than one Address Book.
  8. Click ‘Ok’, once all contacts are selected and added to Members field

This will create distribution list in Outlook & save it as a new contact entry. You can see the new entry in Outlook Contacts with the name that you entered in Step 3. Let’s see how to send a mass email in Outlook with this email distribution list.

2. Send Email Blast from Outlook – Manual Method

Create a new Outlook Email Item (Keyboard shortcut – ‘Ctrl + Shift + M’) & then click on ‘To’, ‘CC’ or ‘Bcc’ button. It will open a popup window to select Names from Contacts. Double click on “All Contacts” (or the name entered while creating distribution list) & click ‘Ok’.

This email group list is now added to the new email item. Fill subject, email content & click ‘Send’. This will send the email to all the email addresses added to distribution list.

How to Send a Mass Email in Outlook using VBA?

Use this Tiny VBA code that will automatically pick all contacts from Outlook and send batch email to all.

'Outlook VBA to Send Mass email -
Sub Send_Mass_Email_To_All_Contacts_In_Outlook()
    'Define & Create Objects to get contact list & to create new Outlook email
    Dim objItem, objEmail, toList As String
    Set objOutlookApp = New Outlook.Application
    Set objMAPINamespace = objOutlookApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set objContactFolder = objMAPINamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
    Set objContacts = objContactFolder.Items
    'Creating Email address distribution list or Email Group
    For Each objItem In objContacts
        If TypeName(objItem) = "ContactItem" Then
            toList = toList & objItem.Email1Address & ";"
        End If
    'Send Email Blast from Outlook
    Set objEmail = objOutlookApp.CreateItem(0)
            With objEmail
                .To = ""
                .CC = ""
                .BCC = toList
                .Subject = "Mass Email in Outlook Sample Subject"
                .Body = "Nothing, Just Testing my 'how to send mass email in outlook' program"
                .Display 'or just put .Send to directly send the mail instead of display
        End With
End Sub

Also this is a good stating place to learn how VBA create email from Outlook. These VBA create email code or sending email to distribution list methods are all very useful if you have to send Outlook mass email to promote you business, market a product, organization level information messages or if you are job seeker, it will be useful to send resume to big list of companies.

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