Activate Windows 10 Dark Mode

Steps to enable dark mode in Windows 10 operating system is given below:

  1. Click Windows Start (Left bottom corner Windows icon)
  2. Select ‘Settings’ gear
  3. Choose ‘Colors’
  4. Select ‘Dark’ under ‘Choose your color’ option
  5. Pick accent color for menus & borders
  6. Click Ok

Now, system will wait for few seconds to change the theme from light to dark color scheme.

Once this is done, the windows explorer & few apps will change their color scheme, but there wont be any effect on the image files or videos. It is mostly usefull if you are working for more hours on text content.

Light-on-Dark Color scheme for Windows 10

The option explained above may not be available in lower version of Windows. This option is only verified in Windows 10.

Once this option is enabled at Operating system level, it is applied to most software apps installed within it.

But still, few browser apps like IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox will continue with light color. You have to set dark mode for these Apps individually in it settings option.

For MS Office apps, this option can be found in here as explained in this article – click here.

This option is not applied to any image or video applications. In case you would are working on dim light, then you could change the screen brightness in these cases.