Enable Windows 10 Search box

To quickly make Search Box/Bar visible in Windows 10, follow these eacy steps.

  1. Right Click on Taskbar
  2. Choose Search
  3. Enable Search box or Search icon.

Once this options is enabled in your taskbar, you will eb able to quickly launch windows applications installed in PC,  Search for any file in system, search for any term in Web, Quickly refer to a option present in Windows Settings etc.,

Here is a video explanation on the same:

This option can also be invoked using the below option. Keyboard shortcut: WindowsKey + S

Windows 10 search box is a must to have option. It is like a magic genie that gets most of the items that we usually search for. Most users have it to quickly launch apps & to find out a options present in settings. I am sure, if you try it once, you will get addicted to such a wonderful option.