VBA Message Box Set No as Default Button

How to Set No or Cancel as default Msgbox button? In Msgbox with YesNo or OkCancel buttons, the first button will be set as default button. i.e., once the message box appears if user hit Enter button, Yes or Ok will be activated. Sometimes, this is not desired. In case […]

Hide Unhide Worksheet Tabs in Excel

How to hide/Unhide Sheet Tabs in Excel? By default Excel displays the tabs at left hand side bottom. Using this Users can navigate to any worksheet present in the workbook. Note: This article is not able hiding sheets. It is only about sheets tabs. If you chose now to display […]

How to enable JavaScript in my browser? – Chrome,Firefox,IE,Opera,Safari

How to enable JavaScript in different browsers? JavaScript should be enabled in the browser if a website has functionalities implemented in js. For example, HTML form validations, Advertisements, Popup menus, Button click events etc., Lets see how to enable JavaScript in these browsers: Chrome IE Firefox Opera Safari If JavaScript […]