How to Upgrade Windows 10 to 11?

Here are the simple steps to upgrade your Windows 10 OS to Windows 11 version. Before upgrading please check from this link for Windows 11 compatibility check

To enable an upgrade, you have to opt for Windows insider program using these steps.

  1. Go to this page –
  2. Login/Signup with your Microsoft account
  3. Register for Windows insider program
  4. Press Windows key + s
  5. Type “Windows Insider program settings”
  6. Check for updates.
  7. Windows 11 will downloaded by default as an update.

This automatic update will happen by itself after soem time once you have opted for Windows insider program.

Once the update is over, you will be able to see the Windows 11 features once you restart the computer.

So, overall it is just that opting in for Insider program will enable Windows 10 to Windows 11 preview version for Free

Beware of Windows 11 ISO downloads

Other than this option, there is no oficial ISO for Windows 11 available. If any website claims that it provides Windows 11 ISO, avoid it.

If you happen to download it and install those softwares, it is highly possible that your system will get infected with viruses or malwares.

So, it is safer to use the above option and use new features safely.