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Converting Excel to VCF with Just One Click

To convert CSV or Excel To VCF, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download & Open Excel to vCard file converter app.
  2. Enable macro & content editing if requested.
  3. Copy contacts to vCard converter spreadsheet.
  4. Type output Vcf file name.
  5. Click on ‘Convert Contacts to Vcf’ command button.
  6. Open & verify vCard file created in same folder.

Thats not all …

Free Code Tutorial: Get free Vba code and step by step tutorial to convert Excel contacts to Vcf format (or csv, xlsx to VCard File) on your own.

Premium App: If you are not that much familiar with Excel programming, then just quickly download this app & test it yourself.

1. Try Our Excel to VCF Converter – Free Limited Version

Read this .. before Using the app

  • Do not leave any blank rows in between records. Code will stop conversion when it reads a empty row.
  • You can find the Output File in the same folder where the Excel File is stored.

Download this to Convert Excel Contacts to VCF or Android Format

Downloaded 81,945 Times

Build your own converter app using the steps explained further:

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2. Excel To VCF (vCard) Converter App Development- Tutorial

2.1 App Design in Excel Worksheet

Most of us manage contact details in Excel format.

Because it will be in good readable format & easy to manage. Many services like gmail, yahoo, Outlook have option to import contacts from Excel files. But not all operating system or Email client provide this feature. That’s why we need to convert the contact details to a VCF format, so that the operating system in our Smartphone or PC could update the phone book.

To create a basic Excel to VCF conversion app, follow these steps.

  1. Create a new Excel workbook with sheet1 having column headers as in below image.
  2. Once this is done, the free code present in this page can be used to export contact details to a VCF file.

Excel to VCF VBA - VCard Generator - Excel to vCard Converter
Excel to VCF VBA – VCard Generator – Excel to vCard Converter

Download this Excel to VCF Converter - VCard or Android Format

Downloaded 81,945 Times

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2.2. VBA Code to Convert Excel to VCF

Open the newly created Excel workbook. Press Alt+F11 & copy paste the below code. Press F5 to execute the code.

A VCF file will be generated in the path where the Excel is saved (Ex: “D:\OutputVCF.VCF”)

Note: If You want to Insert alternate phone number for a Contact, check the syntax of VCF file and Insert the corresponding tag in the below code.

'External Properties & Functions Declaration
Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal Operation As String, ByVal Filename As String, Optional ByVal Parameters As String, Optional ByVal Directory As String, Optional ByVal WindowStyle As Long = vbMinimizedFocus) As Long
Private Sub Excel_To_VCF_Converter()
    'Open a File in Specific Path in Output or Append mode
    Dim FileNum As Integer
    Dim iRow As Double
    iRow = 2
    FileNum = FreeFile
    OutFilePath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\OutputVCF.VCF"
    Open OutFilePath For Output As FileNum
    'Loop through Excel Sheet each row and write it to VCF File
    While VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 1)) <> ""
        FName = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 1))
        LName = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 2))
        PhNum = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 3))
        Print #FileNum, "BEGIN:VCARD"
        Print #FileNum, "VERSION:3.0"
        Print #FileNum, "N:" & FName & ";" & LName & ";;;"
        Print #FileNum, "FN:" & FName & " " & LName
        Print #FileNum, "TEL;TYPE=CELL;TYPE=PREF:" & PhNum
        Print #FileNum, "END:VCARD"
        iRow = iRow + 1
    'Close The File
    Close #FileNum
    MsgBox "Contacts Converted to Saved To: " & OutFilePath & " - Join Email Subscription To Get Latest Updates"
    ShellExecute 0, "Open", "http://officetricks.com/email-subscription-page/"
End Sub

Copy and Import to Android Contacts:

  • You can view this VCF File created from this Excel to VCF converter in any text editor like notepad, because this is not an encrypted file format.
  • This File can be copied to Android Phones or any other VCF supporting device or application and imported into Phone Contacts.
  • From Android Device Contacts, choose Import from SD card option and select the file you just copied. Android will start to import the contacts to the device.

3. What is VCF or VCard File?

It is a file format used to store Contact Information like Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address etc., Here is the Wiki link for more info about it.

In this this article you can learn – how to convert phone contact information in an Excel File to VCF file with VBA code and a trial product to generate contact file on your own. After Conversion this file can be transferred to supported Mobile Phones or Email Accounts to update in Contacts.

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4. Sample File format of Excel to vCard Converter

Each contact starts with a BEGIN: tag followed by Contact fields & then terminates with END: tag. In few advanced VCF formats, there are fields available to add even the profile picture, social profile, website etc.,

FN:FirstName LastName

This converted VCF or vCard format is supported in many Email clients, Smart Phones and Operating systems to store the Contact details. For Example: Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Android, iPhone & other smart phones.

Do not forget to read this article how to open & verify a vcf file.

The advantage of a VCF file are:

  • It is not an encrypted file format.
  • You can open this file using any Text file editor & modify manually.
  • You can transfer the file over internet through Email or a simple file transfer through a USB Cable, Wifi or Bluetooth between devices.

Do not double click on a VCF file. It will open up in MS Outlook app by default and will show only the first contact. It is good to open the VCF file with a text editor like notepad or Textpad. This will give you confirmation on how many contacts from Excel file have been converted to VCF format.

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